Gement is underpinned by a number of core values and beliefs. These can be summarised as sustainability, quality, and community. 


Sustainability is the cornerstone of Gement. It underpins everything we do:


We emphasise quality across our organisation. This applies both to our cement, and to our dealings with customers:

  • Our cement is proven to exceed OPC strength, toughness and reliability.

  • The highest safety standards are an absolute priority, and we will never compromise on the wellbeing of our employees, customers or the local community. 

  • We pledge to resolve any customer issue in under 24 hours, and we provide 365 day support. 


For Gement, community is important in more ways than one. It applies to our employees and the broader construction sector.

Employees We work united as a team, showing respect and trust for one another and acting with honesty and integrity in all that we do. 

The Sector -  Although we are passionate about construction, we also recognise it is an industry where positive change is needed. Men's mental health is a huge contemporary issue and one which is rightly beginning to receive the serious treatment it deserves.


As a male-dominated industry, it is vital that we all prioritise the wellbeing of our workers and create a broader awareness of the signs of mental illness, and of the steps we can take to help. 


We are equally passionate about increasing gender diversity in the world of construction, of which 88% of the workforce is male. As a construction company founded by a woman, we will take active steps to help remedy this imbalance. 

Rebecca speaking at an event on men's mental health and diversity in construction.

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