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Our Products

Gement manufactures geopolymer cement using only the highest quality raw materials at an affordable price- meaning you can achieve the best results for your business.

What is geopolymer cement?

◊ Geopolymer cement is a highly sustainable cement substitute.

◊ Gement uses GGBS geopolymer cement with the aluminosilicate activator, GGBS, manufactured from a by-product of the iron-making industry.

◊ Geopolymer cement is supplied as a separate component for the manufacture of concrete, and it can replace ~70% or more of Portland cement in a concrete mixture.


◊ More sustainable than other cement substitutes such as Fly Ash

◊ Longer life structures even in aggressive environments

◊ Meets the criteria for sustainable construction

◊ Available nationwide

◊ 365 day support available

◊ UK based Support Centres 

◊ Can replace white cement

◊ Reduced efflorescence

◊ No mineral extraction

◊ Reduced landfill


 ◊ Reduces carbon footprint 

Uses 20% less energy to manufacture and produces up 90% less carbon dioxide emissions than Portland cement.

 ◊ Strengthens concrete

Geopolymer cement is more mechanically tougher than Portland cement and complements the use of ordinary concrete by strengthening it

 ◊ Higher quality of finish

Due to the colour of the aluminosilicate activator, finishes are lighter in colour and more aesthetically pleasing. In addition the lighter colour provides better visibility and so buildings are safer in dark areas. 

 ◊ Acid and fire resistant 


◊ Ready mix concrete

◊ Concrete blocks e.g sea walls or pavements

◊ Concrete buildings

◊ Mortar

◊ Soil stabalisation

Visual differences between slag-based cement and Portland cement.