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About Gement

Gement is a leader in the production of computer optimised geopolymer cement with the aim to become the largest geopolymer cement manufacturer in the United Kingdom. ​

Starting as a small family business, our mission is to supply 500,000 tonnes of geopolymer cement to various markets by 2020.



At Gement we do everything to ensure that we are the employer and supplier of choice by working around the following values:

>> We make sure to never compromise on the safety of our employees, customers and the local community.

>> We provide our customers with the best service possible by adapting to our customers’ needs through creating innovative solutions for the challenges they face in specific market or business climates.

>> We provide efficient and sustainable methods from supply chain and logistics, to plant production and technical centres to make sure our customers receive the best possible materials at the best price.

>> We work united as one team showing honesty and respect for one another whilst working competently with diligence for our customers and community.


At Gement, we promise our customers nothing less than the best. 


>> We will resolve every issue within 24 hours and provide 365 day support.

>> We deliver the best service, the best materials  at the best price possible.

>> We will always abide by UK laws and do not tolerate any form of bullying, slavery and bribery. >>