Building stronger, safer and greener.

Gement manufactures geopolymer cement for the construction industry whilst benefiting the community with our Sustainable Construction Programme.

Gement was founded in 2019 with the aim of not only disrupting the environmentally damaging norms within the construction industry, but also changing the persona people have of the industry itself. 


Who We Are:

We manufacture a type of geopolymer cement which exceeds the performance of OPC.


We also run our Sustainable Construction Programme which are designed to help more people get into construction. 


What We Do:






Our Priorities:



We work to connect industries together and build stronger communities in the construction industry.


Geopolymer cement is a revolutionary material which is increasingly being used in environmentally conscious construction projects. 



Sustainable building methods, in particular geopolymer cement, reduce your carbon footprint and allow a path for new technologies to be created.

Our Thinking:

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